Adapting To the New Normal: The Science behind Face Masks and Why You Should Wear Them

2020 has to be the toughest year we’ve faced as humankind, thanks to the coronavirus. This disease took over the world in a matter of months, disrupting life as we knew it, and plunging is into a reality that we’re still struggling to make sense of.
We’ve entered a new world order plagued with the looming threat of the virus, and the only thing that can keep us safe in the face of this disaster is a face mask.
We’re answering a few common questions about face masks to tell you why it’s important to enter the new normal with them and how they can keep us safe.

Do Face Masks Work? Here’s What Science Says
While the anti-maskers may have you think that a mask is nothing but a nuisance, but there’s a plethora of research that attests to the efficacy of face masks.
Laboratory studies conducted on how different types of face masks bode against respiratory droplets found that nearly all droplets are blocked with a face mask. Another study conducted on the common cold and influenza concluded that wearing a surgical face mask significantly reduces the transmission of this respiratory virus.
A recent study conducted after the onset of the coronavirus compared the growth rates of fifteen states in the USA and down that mask mandates slowed down COVID growth rate within the first five dates.
In short—yes, face masks work.

a woman in a purple sweater wearing a face mask
Does The Type Of Mask Matter?
There are various materials used to make face masks, and several studies were conducted to compare the effectiveness of each material.
The type of mask you should wear depends on a few things. For instance, if you’re healthy and you don’t have any underlying conditions that may make you more susceptible to contracting the virus, you can wear a cloth mask to reduce other peoples’ exposure to your germs.
If you have coronavirus or are exhibiting symptoms associated with it, the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of those around you is wearing a medical or surgical mask or an N95 mask. These are much more effective in curbing the spread of the virus compared to fabric face masks.
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